We can move any types of merchandise. Call us to discuss your transportation needs across the country.

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Owner Operators

We are always looking for owner-operators to join our team. If you own a truck we would love to hear from you.

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Alliance Trucking Services is a growing business, and we are always looking to hire experienced team members.

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Competitive Prices

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the transportation industry and our drivers are always happy.

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We want to keep you coming back, and that is why we insist on going above and beyond on every job that we do.

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Specialty Freight

Alliance Trucking can manage your specialty freight shipments. Our drivers have been trained to manage sensitive loads so that they arrive safely and on time. We are pleased to offer specialized services to manage these loads for our clients.

We can manage the following types of specialty loads for our clients:

• High-Value loads
• Loads requiring extra security
• Time-sensitive loads
• Perishable items
• Pharmaceutical products
• Medical equipment
• HazMat loads

HazMat Loads

Alliance Trucking can manage all types of HazMat loads. We will ensure that the right trailer is used for moving your product and that all the necessary permits are pulled so that your shipment can move quickly to its destination.

HazMat loads can be challenging for some trucking companies because the shipments may require special routes, special permits, or limited times that the trucks can operate on the roads.

Alliance Trucking can manage all of these conditions while stil delivering your shipment safely and on time.

High Value And High-Security Loads

Alliance Trucking has drivers in place that are specially trained to manage high-value and high-security loads. We understand that these loads can make any shipper nervous.

That is why we have many precautions in place to ensure that your high-value or high-security loads arrive safely and on time.

When we move these loads, we are always in contact with the driver and we are always tracking the loads. Our clients can feel assured that we know the exact location of their freight from when it is picked up to when it is safely delivered.

Time-Sensitive Loads

There are always occasions where freight has to be moved quickly. Alliance Trucking has the ability to assign your loads to team drivers so that it is in constant motion from the time it is picked up. Team drivers can keep your freight moving around the clock because they trade on and off driving, which allows them to comply with DOT driving regulations while still moving your freight quickly to its destination.

All Types Of Trailers Available

Alliance Trucking can move your specialized load on a variety of trailers. We have a fleet consisting of dry vans, reefers, Conestoga trailers, and assorted flat beds. There is no reason that your freight can’t make it to your destination when you ship with Alliance Trucking.

Pricing For Specialized Shipments

Alliance Trucking is pleased to say that we offer fair pricing for our specialized loads. Just because you need special services does not mean that you need to pay inflated prices. We want to treat our clients fairly, regardless of the type of load they are shipping.

If you have a special load for shipping, contact Alliance Trucking for a quote for our services. We believe you will be exceptionally pleased when you discover the fair pricing we offer for our specialty services.

For More Information, Please Call: (224) 642-1234