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Freight Brokerage

One main thing that sets Alliance Trucking apart from other trucking companies is that we also operate as a freight brokerage service. Our company manages shipments from all over the country.

What Do Freight Brokerages Do?

A freight brokerage works on behalf of a shipper to manage their shipments. They connect the shipper with vetted drivers so that their merchandise can move to its destination safely and on time.

The brokerage manages all of the logistics of the shipment, including routes, permits, types of trailers used, times for delivery, and payment for the shipment. They are in charge of the entire process.

Having a brokerage manage a shipment eliminates a lot of stress and time for the shipper. For truck drivers, having a relationship with a brokerage service means they will always know where they can get their next load without relying on job boards.

Carefully Selecting Drivers Is A Must For Any Brokerage

Using a freight brokerage to move your shipments is a matter of trust. You are asking this service to safely move your freight to its destination. Your business has a client that is waiting for this shipment, and it is essential that it arrives in good condition and on time.

A quality freight brokerage service like Alliance Trucking will only select drivers that meet the load's specific needs. For instance, if the load requires special handling because it is hazardous, then the broker would only select drivers qualified to move this type of material.

The brokerage will work with drivers with good driving records, remain

in compliance with DOT regulations, have reliable transportation, and have the specific skills needed to move that load.

Alliance Trucking goes to great lengths to ensure that all of its owner-operator partners and company drivers have the right skill set for each load. They also verify that the right insurance policies are in place to move the freight.

What Does A Freight Brokerage Do For Drivers?

Working with a freight brokerage like Alliance Trucking is beneficial to drivers. Brokers ensure that you are paid in a timely manner for your work. Since the brokerage will manage all of the logistics, driers do not have to worry about planning routes or obtaining the right permits to move the load. The brokerage manages all of these things.

Does Your Company Need A Freight Brokerage Service?

Your company may benefit greatly from using a freight brokerage service for managing your shipments. If you have to ship one truckload or hundreds, it will always be beneficial to use a brokerage service.

Why is it beneficial? Because the brokerage service knows and understands the trucking industry. They can help your company find the most affordable shipping method for your freight. The brokerage will use drivers who have passed the vetting process and make sure that your freight is moved safely and on time to its destination.

Do You Have Questions About Freight Brokerage Services?

If you are curious about freight brokerage services, contact Alliance Trucking. We can explain how a freight brokerage service can be beneficial to your company and provide you with a quote for our services.

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