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Conestoga trailers are a unique combination of flatbed trailers and dry vans. These trailers are shaped like a dry van, but they have sliding tarps instead of solid sides.

The tarps on the Conestoga trailer allow the shipper to load the trailers like they would a flatbed, from the top or sides but provides it with the added protection of having sides like a dry van.

Conestoga trailers are not very common because many shippers believe that they can use a flatbed and tarps to achieve the same effect. Alliance Trucking, however, understands that there is a large difference between a tarped flatbed and a Conestoga trailer, which is why we offer these trailers as part of our service.

Conestoga Dimensions

Conestoga trailers are either 48 or 53 feet in length, just like a dry van. They are 8.5 feet wide and can hold freight up to eight feet high once it is placed on the trailer. The maximum weight that a Conestoga trailer can carry is 45,000 pounds.

These trailers can be loaded from the top by crane or through the sides using a forklift. The Conestoga trailer is perfect for shipping freight from special locations that may not have access to loading docks or, because of the type of freight it is, may not be able to use a loading dock.

Conestoga trailers do not require any special permitting to operate on any roads.

It is very unusual for one of these trailers to operate with an overweight load. Because of the tarps, these trailers cannot carry oversized loads.

The Most Common Types of Loads On A Conestoga Trailer

• Larger items that need to be moved with discretion
• Larger or odd-sized items that need additional protection from road debris and weather conditions
• Collectible vehicles
• Smaller machinery that requires special loading
• Any freight that requires special loading from a crane or side access forklift

Do You Have A Load That Will Benefit From A Conestoga Trailer?

Alliance Trucking is pleased to be able to offer its clients access to Conestoga trailers. We understand that not every shipment is the same, so we want to be able to provide the most options for our clients.

Contact Alliance Trucking for more information about Conestoga trailers and shipments and if this type of trailer would be beneficial to your load. The great news is that if this is not the right type of trailer to move your freight, we have all different types of trailers available.

Alliance Trucking has a full fleet of Dry Vans, Reefers, and Flat Bed trailers for moving freight anywhere in the country.

For More Information, Please Call: (224) 642-1234