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Power Only

Power Only or No Touch loads are a type of shipment that is often used for freights that are not time-sensitive, are being sent to large distribution centers, or are taken to ship or train yards for transportation. Power only is also used for moving empty trailers from one place to another.

With a power-only load the driver has no interaction with the freight that is being moved. The only thing that the driver does is verify that the trailer is loaded and locked or that the trailer is empty. They pick up the manifest forms and other documentation and deliver the trailer and the paperwork to the final destination.

When the driver arrives at the destination, they park the trailer wherever they are directed, verify that the trailer is still locked, hand in the paperwork, and usually pick up another trailer from that destination to deliver somewhere else.

Dry Vans Are The Most Common Power Only Trailer

Dry vans are the most commonly used trailer for power-only loads. This is because these trailers are easy to keep secure with only one entrance and offer full protection from the elements.

Flatbeds are occasionally used if the shipper is moving shipping containers. However, this is very rare. There are dry can trailers that are designed to accommodate shipping containers just like the regular enclosed van. It is very rare to see any other type of trailer used for power-only loads.

Who Benefits Most From Power Only Loads?

Many large distribution centers like to use power-only loads because of the volume of merchandise coming into their centers. These trailers make great storage units until the distributor is ready to empty the trailer and add the merchandise to its inventory. Using a power-only shipment also helps prevent large lineups of trucks waiting to be unloaded at these facilities.

No touch loads are also beneficial for clients that do not have to move their products quickly or want to reduce the costs of shipping. Since there is little interaction between the driver and the merchandise, the costs are lower than shipments requiring loading and unloading.

Alliance Trucking Can Move Your Power Only Loads Anywhere In The US

Alliance Trucking can handle all of your power-only loads. We have drivers located across the country at all times, so wherever your load is or wherever it needs to deliver, Alliance Trucking can make it happen.

If you have questions about power-only loads and if they can be an effective form of transportation for your merchandise, please contact Alliance Trucking today. We can help you find the right method of shipping for your freight based on your needs and your customers' needs.

For More Information, Please Call: (224) 642-1234