We can move any types of merchandise. Call us to discuss your transportation needs across the country.

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Owner Operators

We are always looking for owner-operators to join our team. If you own a truck we would love to hear from you.

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Alliance Trucking Services is a growing business, and we are always looking to hire experienced team members.

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Competitive Prices

We offer some of the most competitive prices in the transportation industry and our drivers are always happy.

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We want to keep you coming back, and that is why we insist on going above and beyond on every job that we do.

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About Us

Alliance Trucking was founded by an experienced truck driver that had a vision for improving the trucking industry. He believed that you could operate a trucking company that not only provides a superior shipping service, but also provided growth and opportunities for the drivers.

Alliance Trucking was created to provide a exceptional experience for shippers. The founder’s goal was to provide as many shipping services as possible at the most reasonable price. If a customer needed a special load moved, or needed a special trailer, the goal of Alliance Trucking to be able to say “Yes, we have that available.”

To make this happen, Alliance Trucking knew that it needed great drivers. So the plan was to create a work environment that not only encouraged owner-operators to work as partners with the company, but to also have company drivers that were looking for growth opportunities.

To encourage owner operators to work with the company, Alliance Trucking offers owner-operators fuel discounts, repair and parts discounts, and access to very affordable insurance policies. They also provide great paying loads and offer every driver the opportunity to work as much or as little as they desire.

They also provide great paying loads and offer every driver the opportunity to work as much or as little as they desire.

For company drivers, Alliance Trucking looked for drivers that wanted more from their driving experience than a day-to-day job. They were looking for drivers who wanted growth opportunities and job advancements. Alliance Trucking knows when the driers are growing, so is the company.

The founder of Alliance Trucking spent a lot of time out on the road behind the wheel of a semi-truck. He understands the industry. The benefits and the pitfalls. With this in mind, he wanted to create a better system for everyone.

In addition to having satisfied drivers, he also expanded into freight brokerage. By using his knowledge of the industry, Alliance Trucking has been able to build relationships with many major companies as their freight broker. This ensures that all of our drivers, whether owner-operators or company drivers, will always have first access to prime deliveries.

If you are looking for a better lifestyle in the trucking industry, you are encouraged to join the team at Alliance Trucking.

For More Information, Please Call: (224) 642-1234