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Refrigerated trailers are often referred to as Reefers. Reefers look exactly like dry vans, but they have been equipped with refrigeration units for temperature control. Reefers can manage any temperature, including freezing and below.

The most common items shipped in reefers include:

• Fresh fruit and vegetables
• Meat and seafood
• Frozen food items
• Other perishable food items
• Plants and cut flowers
• Some pharmaceutical products
• Some chemical products

Chemical products are generally run as a HazMat load, but they use a reefer trailer for temperature controls.

Reefers Are Designed To Prevent Spoilage

Reefer trailers have been designed to provide an even cooling temperature throughout the trailer. The cooling system continues to circulate the air through the trailer so that all areas stay cold.

Our drivers continue to monitor the trailers while the shipment is in route to ensure that the temperature remains constant. New technologies can also be used to help monitor temperatures throughout the journey so that the receiver will know that the product has been handled correctly from the time it has left the manufacturer.

The most common size of reefer trailer is 53 feet. Even at this extended length, the refrigeration units on these vehicles can keep all the products cooled or frozen to your preferred temperature.

Alliance Trucking Understands That Your Temperature Controlled Products Need Care

We understand that reefer loads need to be treated differently than non-perishable loads. We will provide every customer with the following services when transporting a reefer load:

• We will always inquire what temperature you would like to move your shipment at so that we can designate the right trailer for your needs. Some trailers are freezer only, while others can have their temperatures adjusted.
• We guarantee that when the trailer arrives it will already be at the right temperature. This ensures that your product will not suffer any temperature fluctuations when it is moved to the trailer.
• We will load the trailer quickly to ensure that there is little fluctuation in temperature as it moves from its original location.
• We will make stops during the delivery to ensure that the temperature remains constant during the entire trip.
• We will unload the trailer speedily so that there is little or no fluctuation in temperature.

Do You Have Questions About Shipping A Reefer Load?

Please contact our customer support if you have any questions about transporting perishable goods. Alliance Trucking will be pleased to answer all of your questions about shipping refrigerated items.

We will also be pleased to provide you with a quote for our services and schedule your load at your convenience.

We have reefer trailers that will accommodate any loads and can reach any destination.

For More Information, Please Call: (224) 642-1234